Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Highlights from the Dallas Guitar Show 2009

Made a visit to the Dallas Guitar Show to geek out on gear, and found plenty to get excited about.  I spent some cash at the TONE FACTOR booth...check them out...they've got all the cool-ass boutique stuff in stock and are great people and great players...buy from them!  Also, I spent some time in the Visual Sound booth and a bunch of time in the Pedal Train booth...I'm gonna move into the Pedaltrain boards immediately...I love the design, and they're just real people making cool stuff.

My favorite visit, was to the BYOC build your own clone booth.  Check out http://www.buildyourownclone.com  .  They have kits for you to build actual clones of your favorite pedals.  I've been building their kits for a couple years now, but it was overwhelming to sit and talk with the owner, and really tweak and geek on all the circuits.  I was able to pull a few secret mods outta him too, after a couple of beers in the hotel lounge...look for upcoming Gearmanndude pedals...he gave me some great ideas.  Please visit his site, and leave some money behind...it's a wonderfull addiction.

Other favorites:  The SOULDIER Strap booth...they make the OWL strap that I love and covet, as well as a ton of other vintage style ACE straps.  They use actual ACE material from the 60's and seatbelts for the backing....very cool.  I also dug the Bursts' at Tom Whitrock's booth...he's the dude from The Les Paul Forum....

What else?  Well...I bought a wonderful pair of previously loved Lizard Skin cowboy boots, and some sweet pearl snappy shirts...only in Texas my friends.