Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hey gang! Well, my website has had issues the last 6 weeks, citing "Malware" and other cool sounding words that are not so cool by definition. I am currently on HOLD with GoDaddy Support, trying to get it fixed...I'm so sorry for the inconvenience and lame-ness on my part. Thank you to all who have emailed me to let me know about the site...I had no idea until last week.

FWIW, you can always order a Luther or TimeBombBoost and pay directly via Pay Pal to: . They're $107 shipped USA, $130 shipped International. Pedals are shipping around 2 weeks from payments these days....

Hope you all have an ass-rockin' Holiday Season

...still on HOLD with GoDaddy Support BTW...hoping to have the site repaired by the time the Vikings game starts...SKOL!!!


Friday, July 1, 2011


So...I'm going to update my website soon. My shopping cart is currently not taking International orders, because my shopping cart SUCKS! But I DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY every day. You can always email me direct at for info on how to order.

Random thought of the day: Soundmen used to be able to mix loud bands... those were the days


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back in Black!

Wow...its been over a year since I posted on my blog...what happened to me? I guess I sorta forgot about it...GMD FAIL! Anyhoooo...with Facebook, Twitter, and all that, I guess I neglected my blogspot...well, I'm back bitches!

What's new in the GMD pedal demos to come? JHS Pedals, SoundBLox, a new Dr Z KT45, Big John mini's, and so many more. Luther sales have been fantastic, (thanks!) and have taken away a bit of my demo time, but I'm setting aside a day to demo a bunch of new toys...

stay tuned amigos...I mean it...tune it!