Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mad Professor budget line of pedals

Just got my Little Green Wonder by Mad Professor, from their less expensive PCB line of pedals, and it ROCKS!!! Gonna be posting a clip in the near future. Wish I'd kept the higher dollar LGW I had, so that can do a shootout, but I sold it a while back. I'll get another soon, and make the side by side. For what it's worth, the tone is exactly as I remember it being from the original LGW...the Swedish builds are $300+ and the new PCB board builds are $169...I'm looking forward to the next batch of pedal from them....I know the Deep Blue Delay and Sweet Honey OD are going to be the next two will be nice to see their pedals get into more hands by bringing the price down. I'll get the LGW clip posted asap.