Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mad Professor budget line of pedals

Just got my Little Green Wonder by Mad Professor, from their less expensive PCB line of pedals, and it ROCKS!!! Gonna be posting a clip in the near future. Wish I'd kept the higher dollar LGW I had, so that can do a shootout, but I sold it a while back. I'll get another soon, and make the side by side. For what it's worth, the tone is exactly as I remember it being from the original LGW...the Swedish builds are $300+ and the new PCB board builds are $169...I'm looking forward to the next batch of pedal from them....I know the Deep Blue Delay and Sweet Honey OD are going to be the next two will be nice to see their pedals get into more hands by bringing the price down. I'll get the LGW clip posted asap.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

winner of the NAME MY GUITAR contest

Well...after going through the 666 suggestions from youtube...yes, it actually ended with 666 comments...not sure what to think about that one... But anyhoo...I've gone with the name SISSY for the Kingbee Tele with the TV Jones Filtertrons.

Many reasons...Sissy Strut by the Meters...Do the Sissy by Albert Collins...that chick from Urban Cowboy...and of course, my wife's nickname given to her by her father. Whatever reason, SISSY it shall be!

Want a guitar like that? They're around $1500 ish...and you can contact to get one. DO IT!


Bumper Music for GMD Youtube Clips

So...I get alot of emails wanting to know the music I've been using lately on my Youtube videos. It's a band called BODECO, and no, I'm not a member. I know that master Southside Freddie uses a white coily cable and all...but that ain't me. Freddie rocks ass for sure, and you should check out Bodeco on iTunes or CDBaby for their music. I'm a huge fan of their psychobillyassrockindirtrompin music for sure.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Did some comparison videos recently of a Gold Klon Centaur versus a Silver Klon...they pretty much sounded the same...the silver one seemed a tad brighter, but that was probably just from subtle differences in the knobbies and what not...wish I'd done a better job with the audio...but, as usual, I posted the clips regardless!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

new batch of Time Bomb Boost pedals

As some of you may know, I'd stopped building the TBB about a year ago, but have a new batch of boards coming, and am going to build 50 more...actually, only 49 will be available, because I'm keeping one! That's why I decided to build the TBB again actually, because once I sold out of them, I didn't have one myself!!! It's such a master-of-all preamp boosters! Anyhoo...they should be available starting in the end of February, and are now the same price as the Luther Drive, which is $107 shipped in the USA, and $130 International. The colors are gonna start out being black, or pink, or random swirly paintjobs. You can always email me at with any questions. ROCK ON!!!