Friday, March 27, 2009

Fender 75 amp

Came across this amp in a shop, and had to get it.  It's a single 15" combo, Rivera era Fender 75 amp from around 1980.  It totally rules!  Two channels, the last of the point to point, handwired Fender rigs, and the lead channel can get the juiciest, Marshall JCM800 style overdrive/distortion tone, yet through a 15 inch speaker...kinda unique tone, and I love it...for now...we'll see how long it lasts!  My cat seems to dig it...whenever I crank it up, he comes down outta the control room (upstairs) and lays back on the couch...even when it's cranked...he's 17 years old, damn near deaf, and was birthed by George Harrison while he was visiting a girlfriend in NYC, 17 years ago...touched by a Beatle!  I wonder what he would fetch on eBay?  He still acts like a kitten, and seems to have the energy and spunk of...well....Paul McCartney...wait a minute...wasn't I just talking about the Fender amplifier?



Latest Loves

Well...I got a Throbak Overdrive Boost recently, which is pretty bitchin!  Lots of potential...trying to find the right board (3 boards rigged up) to put it on...think its actually gonna replace the 69 pedal.  Other boxes I'm diggin right now....Big Tone Music Brewery Six of Swords, SubDecay Blackstar Distortion, Mad Professor Fire Red Distortion...I think I'm on a serious pinch harmonix adventure right now....squeeeeeeeeeeeal!!!!



Monday, March 9, 2009

KLON Centaur

So...I finally got my Klon, after a long wait, which turned out to be worth it!  I am still just getting to know's got a very different feel to it than anything else I've tried...and I've tried quite a few!  It reacts differently to everything you do.  From your guitar's volume, to your amps volume, the Klon has to be dialed in for each application.  Very, very cool box...don't know why I waited so long to order one...



Jaguar Amplification amps

Came across these guys by dumb luck.  So many of the boutique builds are priced too high for most "PLAYERS", which is what always drew me to the Dr Z amps...perfect builds, at affordable prices, for boutique/hand-wired/masterbuilt amps.  The Jaguar amps are the only thing I've found so far, that live in that same realm. 

I recently got a Jaguar Junior, 17 watt, 1x12 combo from them, which retails for $2500, but has a street price of $1750, and really love it.  I've had some similar Bad Cat rigs in the past, but they were double the price.  Nothing against Mark Samson...I've spent alot of money on Matchless and Bad Cat amps, and have never regretted it...I actually miss my Clubman heads I used to use...might have to go back to them someday...but I'm getting off my point!

The Jaguar amps are fantastic, and for the money, you're getting that rich, hand-wired, superb quality for less than a new Bogner, Matchless, Badcat, etc.  They have the same attractive looks of those as well, and are just a nice, tight build.

The Jag Jr has a pentode/triode switch, which throws it to about 8 watts, which is great for my youtube demos.  But honestly, once opened up, volume-wise, it really takes off and has a killer clarity to it, even when running it with alot of gain.