Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Luther Drive Mach II

Alrighty...the new version of the LUTHER DRIVE is finally ready!

After a giant handful of requests, I've made some changes to the mighty LUTHER, for all to enjoy.

I've combined the Standard Version and the LOUDmod where you can switch between the two...no more decisions to make...both versions in one pedal.

Plus, I've moved the DC Power Jack to the front of the pedal, also due to a gazillion requests to do so.

I'm raising the price...just a hair...to compensate for my extra parts and labor, but am still keeping it as low as possible so that all can dig the tone of the Luther Drive.

orders can be placed at www.gearmanndude.com

I may not get around to the price increase for a week or two, so if you want one, order now, and you get the new version, at the old price.