Thursday, August 8, 2013


What's new in GMdLand?  Everything!

So many cool toys and additions to the family lately.  Got a very cool Les Paul Traditional, matte black finish, sexy as can be..look for a future demo, as well as many pedal demos with that guitar.  I'm still in love with my RS GUITARWORKS Telecaster.  Just the most amazing feeling/playing/sounding guitar I've come across in decades.  All others pale in comparison...but of course, I still love ALL THE OTHERS!   The RS stuff is just the next level, thats all.

Some cool pedals as of late...the hot rod series model car effects from EJC CUSTOMS are tons of fun...I really loved the Amptweaker TIGHT FUZZ and the SCARAB fuzz from Basic Audio...

Tons more coming in the following week...Wilson Effects, Quilter Amps, OneControl Looper, Dunlop Mini Fuzzface, all three versions...and more and more and more.