Monday, September 7, 2009

New Gearmanndude Pedal coming soon

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

Well...after months of experimentation, I have come up with my latest creation to add to the Gearmanndude product's called THE LOTHAR.

It is a combination of an Overdrive pedal and a Fuzzbox. Great for leads, if you crank all three knobs, but if you dial down the gain, and leave the tone and volume cranked, it has a killer, yet annoying overdrive quality to it to boost and push your amplifier.

Should be ready for purchase in a couple of weeks...I'm very excited about it. Been trying, and trying to come up with something to put my name on lately, and it's just now reared it's ugly head.

Stay tuned!




  1. Hey there Dude! Love your vids and style, no doubt we share the same taste in sound and stuff. Congrats to you and your new pedal, can't wait for your videodemo. Keep crankin` it up!


  2. Dude. That's awesome. Good luck with the new pedal Can we expect a YouTube demo in the near future?

    I just got a Big Muff Pi w/TW after hearing your demo. You are right. It is killer.

  3. Hey GMD, Y do you hate reverb?

  4. Great blog, very interesting topics, I enjoyed reading, hope there will be more coming in the future!

  5. love your youtube channel, shame this blog doesnt seem to be updated anymore :(

  6. hey man great stuff here. want more?

  7. GMD,

    Great video reviews and Im looking to checkout your luther drive pedal!