Friday, July 1, 2011


So...I'm going to update my website soon. My shopping cart is currently not taking International orders, because my shopping cart SUCKS! But I DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY every day. You can always email me direct at for info on how to order.

Random thought of the day: Soundmen used to be able to mix loud bands... those were the days



  1. Re. random though of the day: agree.

    Any way,
    do you ever run into pedals where the switching is "glitchy" ie while playing there is a short silence, or worse, a noise that doesn't belong there when you switch?

    I've come across a few, like some Boss pedals.
    And I recently bought a bunch of (too cheap?) footswitches that seem to have to much play in the action, so to speak, so there's silence if I leave my weight on the switch.

    Would be nice if you make a note of the mechanical robustness in the switching, jacks and pots.

    I love your demos! I keep them running while I work.


  2. Total agreement on Thought of the Day. My band just played two gigs with soundmen who knew NOTHING!!! All you could hear in the mix was drums and vocals. Don't know why they even bothered putting mics on the guitar and bass amps. And I purposely kept my amp volume down to hear the monitors.

    BTW - love the pedal reviews on the YouTube.

  3. Been awhile since you've updated your blog, eh. Just wanted to say that your Youtube videos are awesome!

    I have my own website about Distortion Pedals and was wondering if you could check it out in your spare time :)

  4. hey gear man dude keep up the good videos how do you keep the sound noise down with all your pedals

    the only video i didn't like that you posted was the texas guitar show pt 2 because of the bathroom part

  5. i tried to go to your website and the GOOGLE tells me there's malware and bad stuff there. Please clean up the site so i can go get me a Luthor Drive.

  6. yeah , what unknown said. Santa wants to bring me a L drive, but the website is flagged as harmful to my online existence. please clean it up pronto