Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Luther Dickinson gets a LUTHER!

Hooked up with Luther Dickinson at the Black Crowes show in Nashvegas at the Ryman recently, and told him about the Luther Drive....not named for him, but for the Johnny Cash song, 'Luther Played the Boogie', but I told him I'd send him one if he wanted.  He emailed me a week later with his hotel info for the Crowes Christmas shows in California, and I sent him both a LUTHER DRIVE, and a TIME BOMB BOOST.  He digs em' both, and has the TBB in his North Mississippi Allstars arsenal, and the LUTHER DRIVE in his Crowes toys.  I couldn't have a better player out there using my stuff.  Luther is the real deal...and a super cool cat to boot.  ROCK ON!  GMD


  1. That is very cool! I first learned of Luther when I saw him on Lifeskool music lessons on cable TV. he made me a big fan. Why is it that celebrities (the people who could most afford stuff) get all the freebies! : )


  2. That is killer! Congrats on both pedal builds, I'm looking forward to seeing what them boys can do. Shoot me an email asap so we can get something going. Keep up the killer work brother.

    Alfie - Analog War Cry