Monday, March 9, 2009

Jaguar Amplification amps

Came across these guys by dumb luck.  So many of the boutique builds are priced too high for most "PLAYERS", which is what always drew me to the Dr Z amps...perfect builds, at affordable prices, for boutique/hand-wired/masterbuilt amps.  The Jaguar amps are the only thing I've found so far, that live in that same realm. 

I recently got a Jaguar Junior, 17 watt, 1x12 combo from them, which retails for $2500, but has a street price of $1750, and really love it.  I've had some similar Bad Cat rigs in the past, but they were double the price.  Nothing against Mark Samson...I've spent alot of money on Matchless and Bad Cat amps, and have never regretted it...I actually miss my Clubman heads I used to use...might have to go back to them someday...but I'm getting off my point!

The Jaguar amps are fantastic, and for the money, you're getting that rich, hand-wired, superb quality for less than a new Bogner, Matchless, Badcat, etc.  They have the same attractive looks of those as well, and are just a nice, tight build.

The Jag Jr has a pentode/triode switch, which throws it to about 8 watts, which is great for my youtube demos.  But honestly, once opened up, volume-wise, it really takes off and has a killer clarity to it, even when running it with alot of gain.



  1. You should take a pic of the inside of the chassis.

  2. Is this better than a Dr. Z Maz 18?