Monday, March 9, 2009

KLON Centaur

So...I finally got my Klon, after a long wait, which turned out to be worth it!  I am still just getting to know's got a very different feel to it than anything else I've tried...and I've tried quite a few!  It reacts differently to everything you do.  From your guitar's volume, to your amps volume, the Klon has to be dialed in for each application.  Very, very cool box...don't know why I waited so long to order one...




  1. Hells yeah, GMD. I've had my Klon since I was about 16 or so when they were gold w/ the Centaur pic on them (26 now). Unfortunately I had my gear stolen in 06 and called up Bill. He still had my receipt! He cut my order time in half (still six weeks) which was awesome. Now I have the silver casing, but the sound's pretty much the same. Can't wait to see the review. The Klon's a staple on my board. Have fun, dude.

  2. New post! I'd love read a top ten fuzz list. Or a compare/contrast of your Jaguar amp vs. your Maz 18.

    Either way, I'll be reading.

  3. Your video on the Centaur was great. I've been looking for another o/d that I liked more than my Ol Yeller. I think the Centaur might be it.

  4. yo GMD...get your hands on a hudson electronics "stroll on" its the best tonebender clone on the will crap on your boots when you here this sound. Later