Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bumper Music for GMD Youtube Clips

So...I get alot of emails wanting to know the music I've been using lately on my Youtube videos. It's a band called BODECO, and no, I'm not a member. I know that master Southside Freddie uses a white coily cable and all...but that ain't me. Freddie rocks ass for sure, and you should check out Bodeco on iTunes or CDBaby for their music. I'm a huge fan of their psychobillyassrockindirtrompin music for sure.


  1. I grew up jammin to Bodeco in Louisville..
    My buddy was obsessed with them so consequently I had to learn everything they were doing in the mid 90's.. They are a killer band. I live in Nashville now so I hadent heard that name in a while..I knew I liked you for some reason lol! Check out American Bang.. They are an awesome roots rock band from Nashville..

    Later Dude!

  2. Hey Gearmanndude.. I'm newb here love your reviews on UTUBE!! .. Is the band on the intro to your video review "Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive Version 1 vs V2 guitar pedal shootout w SG & Dr Z amp" BODECO ??
    cheers - Rob :)