Wednesday, March 31, 2010

winner of the NAME MY GUITAR contest

Well...after going through the 666 suggestions from youtube...yes, it actually ended with 666 comments...not sure what to think about that one... But anyhoo...I've gone with the name SISSY for the Kingbee Tele with the TV Jones Filtertrons.

Many reasons...Sissy Strut by the Meters...Do the Sissy by Albert Collins...that chick from Urban Cowboy...and of course, my wife's nickname given to her by her father. Whatever reason, SISSY it shall be!

Want a guitar like that? They're around $1500 ish...and you can contact to get one. DO IT!



  1. Hey GearManDude.
    I wanted to ask you something.
    It has nothing to do with this post.
    I'm Thinking about buying a new od\dist pedal.
    I'm looking for a marshally sound, and I want something that could be very versatile, that goes from Zeppelin to EVH\GNR,Old school high gain.
    I thuoght about the Piggy FX Brown pig, and the Brownie of Cmat mods.
    What do you think?
    I'd be happy if you'll mail me your answer to

  2. Is it OK to give a bass a man's name?

  3. Sissy after the austrian empress?

  4. 616 is the real number of the beast. Check your Bible (I don't mean the Blue Book). The marketing department made it 666.

  5. @ alemanalto From Sissy SpaceEcho I think.